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Graduate Student Research Grants

The Feminist Research Institute accepts applications for graduate student research and travel grants in the spring semester. Grants of up to $750 each will be awarded every Spring. These small grants are intended to support feminist research (including LGBT, Queer and Queer of color) or projects focused on the study of gender and/or sexuality. Proposals to support dissertation and thesis-related research are particularly encouraged. The grants may be used to support travel expenses and materials related to research projects, but may not be used for travel to conferences and research presentations.

Proposals for interdisciplinary projects are particularly welcome, and master’s and doctoral students in any UNM graduate program are welcome to apply.

Application deadline: Friday, March 24, 2017 by 5pm.  Please submit the materials listed below electronically as one PDF file or .doc/x Word to Ailesha Ringer @ If you have questions please email

Applicants should submit the following materials in a single computer file (.doc/x or .pdf, please):

  1. A two-page proposal that clearly explains, in non-specialist language, the focus of the research project, its connection to FRI's mission, and how funds will be used (single-spaced, 12-point type)
  2. A cover page with current contact information (department affiliation, degree status, campus mail address, e-mail address, and telephone number)
  3. A brief CV
  4. A detailed budget that outlines research and travel expenses. Please indicate other funding sources pursued (pending or awarded).

For information on additional sources of research funding available to UNM graduate students, please visit the GPSA Funding website.

Research for applicants should be completed December 31 of that year. All travel reimbursements have to be submitted within 15 days after returning. Each awardee will be asked to give a public talk on their research the semester after it is completed. For more information, please contact Ailesha Ringer at

Previous Recipients

B. Erin Cole, “A Single-Family City: Zoning, Race, Sexuality, and Neighborhoods in Denver, 1956-1989.
V. Gina Diaz, dissertation research on Chicana lesbian feminist art.
Suzanne Dunai, "Cooking for the Patria: Education, Feminism, and Consumerism during the Franco Regime."
Christine Kozikowski, "Reading Privacy in Middle English Texts 1350-1450: Private Space, Public Face"
Elena Avilés, “Mi/My lengua franca: Manipulating a Chicana Cultural Heritage in Art and Literature.”
Pamela Gravagne, "The Becoming of Age"

Lucinda Grinell, “'Lesbianas Presente': Lesbian Activism, Transnational Networks, and Cold War Politics in Mexico City, 1968-1996.”
Stacey Kikendall, “The eye of Glorvina met mine”: Vision Gender and Imperialism in the “Wild Irish Girl”
Kathleen McIntyre, “Contested Spaces: The Rise of Protestantism in Oaxaca, 1920-1994”
Emira Ibrahimpasic, “Muslim Women’s Identities in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.”
Leigh Johnson, “Historical Romance and Representation: Jovita Gonzalez and Eve Raleigh’s Collaboration and Correspondence”
Jennifer A. Sandoval, “Outsourcing Fertility: A Critical Analysis of Surrogacy in India.”
Kellie Sawyer, “Philadelphia’s Straight History/Gay Nightlife: Tourism and ‘Diversity’ in the U.S. Nation’s ‘Freedom Capital.’”

Elaine Nelson, “Sex and Commercial Tourism in the Black Hills: The Legacy of Deadwood's Prostitution Industry”
Ashley Carlson, “From Housekeeping to Volcanoes: Sarah Stickney Ellis on Female Education”

Sarah Guengerich
Jocelyn Salaz
Emira Ibrahimpasic
Lavinia Nicolae, “Deadlock over Wedlock: Kinship, Politics and Identity in New Mexico’s Same-Sex Marriage Debate”
Robin Runia
Lena McQuade
Michele Leiby
Sarah Payne