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Small Event Grants

The Feminist Research Institute announces its semi-annual competition for small grants to fund campus events focused on issues of gender and/or sexuality, or on feminist theory or practice.  We are offering grants of up to $250 each to support campus events during Spring and Fall Semesters. UNM faculty or graduate students may submit proposals, and proposed events may include (but are not limited to) mini-conferences, exhibits, speaker or film series, performances, panel discussions, or workshops. Events focused on scholarship, artistic/creative work, or investigations of policy and practice are all eligible. Events that would be staged primarily to further an applicant’s research project are not eligible.

We are particularly interested in projects that promise to stimulate interest in or encourage innovative feminist work across disciplinary boundaries and that bring together a combination of faculty, graduate students, and/or community scholars or activists in both planning and execution.  Proposals from individual faculty members or graduate students are also welcome. The FRI will assist successful applicants with arrangements and publicity, if desired.

Proposals (roughly 2 pages plus budget) are due November 1 for Spring events and April 1 for Fall events. Please submit the materials listed below electronically as PDF files or .doc/x Word files to If you have questions please e-mail or call 277-1198.

Applicants should submit the following materials in a single computer file (.doc/x or .pdf, please):

A cover sheet with:
the name, department, and status (i.e. Professor, PhD student, etc.) of all applicants
the title of the event/project
a 50-word description of project
the total amount of funding requested

A brief proposal (2 pages) including:
a specific description of the event you wish to stage
the specific audience(s) for (or participants in) the proposed event
an explanation of the significance of the proposed event, emphasizing ways that it might serve to stimulate interest in or encourage innovative feminist work across the disciplines or to advance the study of gender and sexuality at UNM
a list of the applicants' qualifications for staging such an event
a proposed schedule or time frame for the event

A separate budget document:
in line-item format, specifying funds requested and for what purpose.
indicating other sources of funding, if any. (Applying to other funding sources will not hurt your application; we encourage applicants to seek multiple funding sources for projects).

A brief CV for the primary applicant(s).

Please Note: Funds available are limited to a maximum of $250 per application; the number of awards made will depend on both quality of applications received and amounts of funding requested. The FRI cannot disburse a lump sum grant to applicants.  Funds will be distributed in the form of reimbursement only. The funds may be managed through the FRI or through the applicants’ home department but must provide for allowable expenses (with receipts) or direct payment of allowable costs, such as honoraria.  Applicants may not budget a stipend for their own work on the project.

Previous Recipients

“An Evening with Joanne Barker: Native Acts: The Law of Cultural Authenticity in Martinez v. Santa Clara Pueblo”
Heidi Tinsman in "Not Buying into it: Consumption and Pro-Democracy Struggles in Chile"

Pamela Gravagne
Rinita Mazumdar
Jordan Johnson
Kevin Hallgren, Paulette Christopher, Alexis Ortiz, Dr. Steven Verney

Bapsi Sidhwa
UNM Civil Rights Symposium
Aphra Behn Society Conference
Lecture Series: “Nineteenth-Century Science, Technology and Aesthetics”

Women in Sport Media Literacy Project
Andrea Smith on "Indigenous Feminisms and Social Justice"
14th Annual UNM Conference on Ibero-American Culture and Society
Women Studies Retreat

Lecture Series: “Oddly Observed: Queer Sensibilities in Visual Culture.”
Technologies of Gender Conference

“A Gender Neutral Legal Society: Fact or Fiction?” Conference
Feminist Theory Reading Group
Workshop: “Gender and Performance: Using Dance to Represent Gendered and Cultural Patterns”
Mexico and Brazil Face to Face Drama and Film Festival
Dissertation Writing Workshop on Feminist Methodology