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Dr. Elizabeth Hutchison - Chilenazación and La Chinita

Chileanización and La Chinita: Domestic Servants in Chile, 1924-1952 
Elizabeth Hutchison 
Wednesday, September 3, 12:00 - 1:00 PM 
SUB Cherry/Silver

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8/18/14 - Gender Equality On the Rise: France Passes Super Progressive Laws

[Kevin Mathews,]  "While we’re still a long way away from developing a world where males and females coincide as equals, one country is coming a lot closer to making that fantasy a reality. Recently, France adopted new gender equality legislation that is some of the most progressive in the world."

7/25/14 - Equality On the Job Is Trickier Than We Thought

[Mindy Townsend,]  "Women make up about half of the American workforce, but there is still a significant amount of discrimination. It’s no secret that the tech industry is steeped in bro culture. In addition, a recent study has showed that sexual harassment is ubiquitous, something women in the sciences have known since forever."

7/18/14 - Some Universities Crack Code in Drawing Women to Computer Science

[Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times, "The Upshot"]  "One of the reasons so few women work in tech is that few choose to study computer science or engineering. Only 18 percent of computer science graduates in the United States are women, down from 37 percent in 1985. At a few top college programs, though, that appears to be changing."

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